The Kreeger Lab

The Kreeger lab utilizes systems biology and tissue engineering to analyze cellular behavior in a variety of biological contexts. We utilize an iterative approach, where we develop model culture systems that allow us to study a disease in a controlled environment, use high-throughput experimental methods to gather information about the cellular signaling network and cellular responses, and employ computational models to interpret the data. Ultimately, our models will be utilized to identify new drug targets, match patients to the most effective drugs, and identify methods to direct cellular behavior.


Congratulations Dr. Fleszar!

August 2019 – Kreeger lab graduate student Andy Fleszar successfully defended his dissertation, “Follicular fluid, ovarian cortical inclusion cysts, and substrate curvature increase the cancerous progression of fallopian tube epithelial cells” in Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations Andy!

Kreeger Lab publishes study elucidating new mechanism linking scaffold stiffness and breast cancer invasion

July 2019 – The Kreeger Lab, in collaboration with Dr. Kristyn Masters’ Lab, has elucidated a new mechanism linking scaffold stiffness and breast cancer cell invasion. This mechanism involves an increased expression of invadapodia protein Mena in high stiffness microenvironments, leading to the production of a fibronectin halo around breast cancer spheroids and promoting invasion. […]

Kreeger Lab publishes new study on signaling in re-epithelialization in wound healing

June 2019 – The Kreeger Lab recently published new findings on the role of EGF delivery and phospholipase C gamma 1 (PLCĪ³1) activation in keratinocyte migration. This study highlights the importance of localized EGFR clustering to direct keratinocyte collective migration. Published in Bioengineering Translational Medicine, the article can be found here.

Congratulations Dr. Carroll!

May 2019 – Kreeger Lab post-doctorate Molly Carroll accepted a post-doctorate position in Dr. Douglas Lauffenburger’s lab in the Department of Biological Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Congratulations to Kreeger Lab grads!

Congratulations to Kreeger Lab grads!

May 2019 – Congratulations to Kreeger lab undergraduates Will Flanigan, Carl Parent, and Caroline Brumley for graduating from UW-Madison with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering!

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