The Kreeger Lab

The Kreeger lab utilizes systems biology and tissue engineering to analyze cellular behavior in a variety of biological contexts. We utilize an iterative approach, where we develop model culture systems that allow us to study a disease in a controlled environment, use high-throughput experimental methods to gather information about the cellular signaling network and cellular responses, and employ computational models to interpret the data. Ultimately, our models will be utilized to identify new drug targets, match patients to the most effective drugs, and identify methods to direct cellular behavior.


Welcome Dr. Xinhai Yang to the Kreeger Lab!

Congratulations Dr. Molly Carroll!!!

Congratulations Dr. Molly Carroll!!!

May 2017 – Molly Carroll successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis ‘Investigations of paracrine signaling between alternatively activated macrophages and ovarian cancer in the metastatic tumor microenvironment’.

Congratulations to Veronica Porubsky!

May 2018 – Veronica Porubsky successfully defended her honors thesis ‘Elucidating aggressive behavior and pathogenesis of high-grade serous ovarian cancer’

Congratulations Kreeger Lab Postdoc Dr. Fogg

Congratulations Kreeger Lab Postdoc Dr. Fogg

Dr. Kaitlin Fogg received the Rivkin Scientific Scholar Award from the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer (https://www.rivkin.org/research/scholar-awards/)

Congratulations to Will Flanigan!

April 2017 – Will Flanigan was selected for a UW-Madison Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

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